Lerma lived its time of splendor in the seventeenth century, converted into a villa with ducal status at the service of the Spanish king, Felipe III, and having an important role in the Spanish Empire. Its historical baroque center is the great inheritance from those years in which the town was designed by the best architects of the late Reinassance Herrerian Style, authors of wonders such as its Ducal Palace – nowadays a Parador de Turismo (member of the prestigious chain of Spanish state hotels). Besides the many tourist attractions in Lerma, there are other places such as Covarrubias and Santo Domingo de Silos that, together with Lerma, form the Arlanza Triangle.
Every year, in the first weekend of August, the whole village relives the splendor years of the Spanish Golden Age dressing themselves in Baroque costumes in an extraordinary parade of jugglers, stilt walkers, dancers, processions, folk music and theater plays, an awesome spectacle very much worth visiting.

Lerma´s gastronomy is always associated with Arlanza wines and could be considered as an additional reason to come and visit the region. There are two outstanding local gastronomic treats that perfectly match Bodegas Lerma wines. One is Lechazo – roast suckling lamb – prepared in Lerma´s traditional way, which is on a clay pot dish in a wood oven. Spring is the best time of the year for its consumption, since it is when sheep eat new pastures, giving a better flavor to the meat. The best companion for this delicacy is wine. Gran Lerma is strongly recommended. The other one is Morcilla de Burgos, without a doubt, the best blood sausage in all of Spain. If one wants to get the most out of its flavors, we recommend that you try pairing it with Tinto Lerma.


Ctra. Madrid - Irún, Km. 203
09340 Lerma - BURGOS